A supermarket manager has been the victim of a blind date sting on Facebook, which culminated in him being gagged and blind folded whilst the criminals ransacked his Carrefour branch.

Admittedly, for some, being blind folded and gagged is the ideal end to a blind date, however in this case it does act as a reminder of the dangers associated with setting up meetings with strangers online.

The Belgian manager had been forming an online relationship with a certain "Katrien Van Loo", who invited him to her apartment for some dinner; on his arrival, instead of meeting the lovely Katrien, he was restrained by two men before his keys were taken and a third man had broken into the supermarket making off with the cash.

As a result Sophos has posted a video with some advice on how to avoid such experiences and asking for help in identifying the assailants. Sophos also have a handy Facebook page for those of you wanting early warnings on Facebook threats.

This news comes in the wake of another online scam reported by TechCrunch, where criminals appear to have been using the Airbnb house renting hub to burgle empty properties.

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