In following a clever bit of iPad tomfoolery, us Pocket-linters successfully managed to get the hidden Facebook iPad application up and running. Facebook however was quick to act, preventing the code from being exploited just a few hours after it was discovered. 

Fear not however, those who missed the window can still transform the iPhone app into its iPad cousin via a clever Cydia-based app called FaceForward.

Created by well known iOS jailbreaker chpwn, the application simply needs to be installed onto a jailbroken iPad with the iPhone Facebook app, and it does the rest. 

Chpwn is so proud of his creation that he has created a video guide to accompany it. For those who are a bit cautious about jailbreaking their Apple device but want to get a look at the new iPad-centric app, why not take a peek at our hands on. 

Like the idea of Facebook having a dedicated iPad app?