Hidden within the depths of a Facebook iPhone app update pushed out on Sunday was something much more exciting; the early version of an ultra awesome Facebook app for iPad. 

TechCrunch cleverly took the code apart and got the new app up and running on an iPad, posting plentiful images that show the new Facebook setup in all its glory. 

The app is mainly HTML5 powered and uses a sidebar full of settings to allow you to access all the different Facebook functions. From the pictures we have seen the closest thing we can think of is the native Twitter iPad app.

The photos area is now much closer to the iPad's own in design and there are proper pop-overs as well as integrated chat which appears when you turn the tablet horizontal. Places has also been nicely revamped, with a big map showing all your friends around you that have posted. 

Mark Zuckerberg did mention at the Facebook Skype integration launch that his company was preparing for plentiful launches. Could the new iPad app be one of them?

Pocket-lint are currently getting to work on the Facebook app, so check back later for an update.