With graduates being unleashed from the University gates daily now and the month of July seeing a new wave of brainy job seekers hit the streets, professional social network LinkedIn has added more student-centric profile sections. 

This means those will little work experience or perhaps less shiny CVs can still display themselves in a way that is tempting to potential employees. 

Things like projects, scores, courses and honours and awards are set to hit the new profiles, allowing newly graduated students to display their efforts. 

You can fill in the individual sections with all your achievements while studying, meaning you create a better picture for potential employers as to what exactly you got up to at university. For those who actually spent their time studying it also means you can go into more detail regarding your course, rather than just listing that you have a degree in something. 

You may remember Facebook's infancy from the movie the Social Network, where it began its life as a student only affair, building up users on word of mouth. Could it be LinkedIn is trying to do the same? It isn't exactly the edgiest of networks right now, but we expect the more students that land jobs through it, the trendier it will get.

Fan of LinkedIn? Or is Facebook enough?