Facebook has updated its Android mobile app to include video uploads on the go. You can now send footage straight from your smartphone to the social network. 

The news feed has also seen a revamp, with a much cleaner UI and easier way to comment on friends' posts. 

There is now proper pages support, meaning you can view a complete list of the pages you like as well as the ones you admin. Pages posted in status updates can also be tapped on using "@". 

The new Android update brings the app even closer to its desktop cousin, with little of the functionality at home left out from the mobile version. The bug fixes included in 1.6.1 also make things the smoothest yet on the mobile.

With Google+ stealing the limelight it is nice to see a decent release from the Zuckerberg towers. It isn't the first either, only yesterday the company announced Facebook for Every Phone, bringing the social network to even the lowliest of dumbphones via a web browser app.