Developer Crossrider has released a tool that allows you to integrate your Facebook stream into the Google+ dashboard. 

Whilst not quite being perfect Facebook/Google harmony, it is as close as you can currently get to unifying your split social networks under one roof. Now all we need is Twitter added into the mix and things will really get exciting.

The Google+Facebook Chrome extension was created in a day using the Crossrider developer framework. It is a clever JavaScript framework for creating quick cross browser extensions. For those who fancy giving it a go themselves and possibly integrating Twitter into Google+, read here.

Expect having to grant the application full access to your Facebook account to deliver updates, not the most secure of options admittedly, but is necessary if you want to use it. The need to constantly notify your friends, fans and public of your thoughts and feelings can now be done twofold, both on Facebook and Google+, all from one browser. 

For those struggling to remove themselves from a deep Facebook addiction in order to start a new one with Google+, it looks like the chrome extension is the best option. The day will come however, when a choice between the two needs to be made. Judging by the speed that Google+ has been adopted, that day might come sooner rather than later.

Google +? Facebook? Twitter?......ahem Myspace? or.....Bebo?