During Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook video chat unveiling on Wednesday he stated that the Skype hookup was just one of many announcements that the social network has up its sleeve for this year.

"We've been busy building stuff for the last 6 months or so and today marks the beginning of what we'll call launching season 2011," he said. "Over the next coming weeks and months we just have a lot of fun stuff to roll out."

Could the heavily speculated Spotify integration be one of those launches? Quite possibly, as self-confessed "geek" Jeff Rose has uncovered some interesting coding lying within the new Facebook video chat application.

As well as the video chat plugin, called "peep" there is also reference to a plugin called "vibes" that has a result labelled as "MusicDownloadDialog".

facebook video chat coding gives off spotify vibes  image 2

Reports last month suggested that Facebook was looking to introduce Spotify services as part of a music dashboard which could also incorporate other digital music services.

And, with Spotify officially confirming that it is coming to the US the timing coincides with "launching season" perfectly.