Facebook and Spotify look to be growing closer by the day now, with their newly formed friendship set to materialise in a rumoured "Music Dashboard" on the social networking site. 

But Facebook's music integration doesn't stop there, with Mark Zuckerberg's company currently trying to line up more music service and application partners for this years f8 developer conference. 

According to a report from GigaOM Facebook is looking at an August 2011 date for the conference, which will see an emphasis on music and media elements of the social networks' strategy. 

Facebook Connect and Facebook Like are going to play a central role in making music a more social experience for the website's users. Spotify looks like it is going to be one of a few music-orientated partners with Facebook, so expect a broad selection of tracks and options. 

A new "music" label will be added beneath the photos and groups column on the left of the website. Clicking this will open up Music Dashboard. Once open you will see notifications listing which tracks recommended by you have been listened to by friends. This will also work the other way round, with songs suggested to you also shown. Top songs and albums from friends, including cover art, will also appear in the music tab. Recent listens should help you keep up to date with what your contacts are listening to. 

A "happening now" ticker will be added to the upper-right corner of the website. This will show songs your friends are playing as well as anything else in your social network. Where the chat icon currently sits a play/pause button will appear. Hovering of it will show which service you are joined to via Facebook connect.

In all likelihood Facebook will open up its music platform to multiple services in order to maximise on possible revenue. Expect much more than Spotify when things get announced later this year.

What other services woud you like to see paired with Facebook?