One is a virtual world full of oddballs where the aim is to manipulate the popularity of your subjects....and the other is a popular game from EA.

That's right, it's time for two virtual worlds to collide with The Sims Social being released onto Facebook in a Sims title that you can play online with your real buddies.

There will even be a mobile companion app so you can keep Sim-img on the move and EA has utilised the social gaming knowledge that it bought into when it purchased Playfish for $400 million back in 2009 in the development of the title.

Jeff Karp, executive VP of EA’s Play Label said: "EA invented people simulation games with The Sims. Over the last decade, The Sims has sold in excess of 140 million units and spawned an active fan community that has grown into the millions.

"These fans are all enthusiastic, passionate individuals living out their dreams, adventures and fantasies, and expressing their creativity. As The Sims moves to Facebook, their personalities shine through more than ever. The game is alive, brimming with the humour, romance, mischief and creativity that only The Sims can provide."

Launching "this summer" The Sims Social will be available on Facebook in five different languages. Check out more info at