A couple in Israel are such massive fans of Facebook that they've called their third child "Like". Their newborn daughter will forever be named after the thumbs up feature on the site.

Lior and Vardit Adler both admit that friends and family reacted "incredulously" to the name, but father Lior believes that they will come round eventually. Speaking to German Press Agency DPA, he said, "To me it is important to give my children names that are not used anywhere else, at least not in Israel.

"'If once people gave Biblical names and that was the icon, then today [the Facebook Like] is one of the most famous icons in the world."

He also added that Like had "a nice, international ring to it".

It could have been worse, as Pocket-lint has found out other registered names around the world include Go, Unique (of which there were 15 registered in New York alone) and GQ for a boy. Tangerine, Tequila and Final for a girl.