We all know that Facebook added Skype to its friend list last year, when the massively popular VoIP client added full Facebook integration into version 5.0 of its Windows platform, but could that friendship be about to blossom much further? Perhaps even marriage is on the cards?

Reuters is reporting that Facebook is considering a Skype "tie-up" and even suggests that the social network's CEO (bitch) Mark Zuckerberg "has been involved in internal discussions about buying Skype". Oo-er.

And if that wasn't juicy enough for you, the report also suggests that good old Uncle Google is possibly interested in snapping up Skype too, and has even held talks with the Luxembourg based company with regards to a joint-venture.

Which way will Skype go? Either way it'll be jumping into bed with a web giant - probably just the tonic it needs after Apple and Google both entered its domain by getting all excited (again) about video chat.

Skype is due to be floated publicly this year, with Mashable predicting that would raise around $1 billion for the company. However, it predicts that a buy out from either of the two interested camps could be as high as $4 billion.