Shazam, the popular music tagging app, has beefed up its social networking presence by adding "Shazam Friends" into the equation - a platform for taggers to keep their Facebook buddies updated as to what music is catching their ears.

Shazam Friends adds a real-time feed of all the songs that you tag and lets your pals listen to previews of the songs, check out reviews or YouTube videos, or even buy the tracks.

“Over three million songs are Shazam’d each day, and thousands of these are shared individually by people on Facebook every day,” adds Alex Musil, executive vice president of product marketing at Shazam.

“Shazam Friends now makes it effortless for you to see, preview, add to your tag list, and buy a track that your friends have discovered or listened to using Shazam.” 

Andrew Fisher, CEO of Shazam said: “Shazam Friends is a major step forward in social music sharing. We all have friends or family with great taste in music and have discovered an artist or song because of them. 

“Shazam Friends is an exciting new feature for our community of Shazamers, that will make it easier than ever before to learn about new music and share those moments.”

Shazam Friends will work with both the free and premium versions of the app, on iOS and Android - you'll obviously need to allow Facebook access to your profile too.

It's out now.

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