Angry Birds is soon to hit Facebook, with the developer saying that a version of the game adapted for the social networking site is coming in one month's time.

Using its own Angry Birds Facebook page, Rovio has announced that the forthcoming title, which is expected to feature the pigs in a more prominent role and may not be like the usual Angry Birds experience, will be available to play in April. It also promises to reveal more information in due course to those who "like" the Facebook feed.

The company is also readying a special version of the game to coincide with the release of the animated movie Rio later this month, and advises that you keep watching your respective app store:

"Angry Birds Rio release is getting closer, and we're getting so excited we could burst - with anger! No, with excitement," it says. "Sign up for the Angry Birds Newsletter now to learn more about Angry Birds Rio and get the news about the release first! CA-CAW!

"Angry Birds Rio - coming to app stores everywhere in March!"

The movie it's tied-in with, Rio, will be out in the States 15 April, but UK cinemas will get a week earlier on 8 April.

In addition, US chat show host Conan O'Brien has had a giant real-life Angry Birds game built to play on his show (broadcast on 3 March) in order to celebrate Finland. The pigs are balloons, the exercise balls (it seems) and the fortress Ikea furniture (as the "Finnish hate the Swedes"). Silly stuff, but looks fun.