Remember the story on Pocket-lint on Wednesday about HTC getting ready to launch a Facebook phone at MWC 2011?

Well, it seems as if it is going to happen - although perhaps not in the way that was made out by the woefully inaccurate City AM report.

Facebook head of business development Dan Rose all but confirmed the existence of a new HTC handset by stating: "this is really just another example of a manufacturer who has taken our public APIs and integrated them into their device in an interesting way".

He then squashed claims that Facebook was involved with any branding of the phone, answering a firm "no" on the subject and saying: "the rumors around there being something more to this HTC device are overblown."

Hmmm, so it's a denial and a confirmation all at once. We are going to see a new "interesting" HTC phone, with Facebook features, but we're not going to see an actual Facebook branded phone.

It's even less likely to be blue now then, eh?