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(Pocket-lint) - The trouble (and great thing) about Chatroulette is the anonymity of it all. Sure, you can express yourself freely to your chat buddies, safe in the knowledge that they'll never actually know who you are - but you're also likely to see a few chaps "horizontal jogging" along the way.

But new service Natter aims to take the penis-threat away by making you use your Facebook credentials to use the service, and you could even gain some new social network buddies in the process.

Natter is a 1-minute quick fire Chatroulette style web-cam match up, although you do get parameters of which people you want to natter with.

It's a simple three step process:

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1. Select the type of person you are interested in meeting and the location of that person.
2. Have a Natter for your designated 1 minute and remember to be polite.
3. Choose whether to continue your chat and possibly add your new friend on Facebook.

Neil Stanley, Natter CEO, said: "After a lot of hard work we are absolutely delighted to be launching Natter today. Natter is going to perfectly fit the gap in the social online market - it’s about making friends and connecting with new people, with no pressure find a date and certainly no rudeness or harassment".

Natter is live now, check it out at www.natter.com. But remember, no hand-to-gland combat - save that for Chatroulette if you must.

Writing by Paul Lamkin.