Fancy watching a bald man get excited on stage in Nevada? Well, tough luck because Elton John's Red Piano show isn't on at the moment.

But there is another follically-challenged gent who'll be appearing on stage in Vegas this week - Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer, and you can watch his CES 2011 keynote speech live via Facebook.

But there is one condition - you have to 'Like' Microsoft on the social network first. If you can stomach that and hey, why couldn't you (and you can always unlike once it's finished), you'll be able to watch live as Steve and the Microsoft gang unveil whatever the heck it is Microsoft is planning on showing off at the expo.

Chances are there will be some news on Windows tablets, maybe some update news for Windows Phone 7 and possibly even a sneaky mention of Windows 8.

But who really knows? The only way to find out for sure is to tune in.

It all kicks off at 6.30PM Las Vegas time on 5 January, which is 2.30am UK time on the 6th.

But you may as well stay up and watch England wrap up the Ashes anyway, and flick it on after that.