Skyfire for iPad could be about to hit the App Store after it was submitted to the Cupertino gate keepers for consideration.

And, in a demo video of the tablet browser, Skyfire has demonstrated that there's more to its iPad version than simply Flash.

It's a highly social browser, with Facebook Connect on board - making it incredibly easy to share content and interact with all your FB buddies.

There's even a dedicated Facebook button, that pops up your news feed. There's also a similar button for your Twitter stream and Google Reader RSS feeds. Basically, Skyfire for the iPad is going to make it easy to live out your entire web life within its browser.

Within the browser you'll also be able to use the Fireplace button to see all of your friend's Facebook shared links (think of it as a mini Flipboard), plus you'll also be able to see all of the popular pages from the website that you're on, based on what your pals have liked. You can also instantly Facebook Like anything you see.

It all sounds cracking, and if that wasn't enough there is also the Flash video workaround that Skyfire is popular for. Plus, there's a private mode option as well. No prizes for guessing why we put the Flash video aspect and the private mode in the same paragraph.

If Apple approves the app, it should land in the next week or so. Chances are that it will cost a little bit more than the £1.79 iPhone version. We'll guess at £2.99.