Facebook has rolled out a revamped profile page on the social network, with the big man himself going on US national TV to talk about the changes as well.

Well, we say big man, but Mark Zuckerberg is only about 5.5ft tall, but he is the CEO, bitch.

The new profile pages were discussed by the Zuck on CBS' 60 Minutes and also have been detailed in a Facebook blog post.

First up, and most notably, your details have been centralised and made more prominent. You'll notice that beneath your name is a new bio section, where you can offer up more details of yourself to the web by adding info like your home town, where you were born, where you went to school, the languages you speak and so on.

Below this is a new photostream of all of the pictures that you've recently been tagged in. Don't worry though, if one is real horror-show, you can click the little x to get rid of it.

You will also have the chance to make your bestest buddies more prominent by highlighting them in a column down the left hand side.

Your personal links are now listed in this column too, and the info section has been expanded to include topics such as "Philosophy" and "People who inspire you". Obviously we put "to waste away as much of the day as we can social networking" and "Zuckerberg, obviously" for these two sections.

There's also a new education and work section, where you can list work projects, classes and the like - which kinda hints at Facebook wanting to add a more business-like networking angle to the platform.

Finally, the interests section has been given a nice graphical look, with album sleeves, book covers and so on being added to your personal likes.

Discussing the changes on 60 Minutes, MZ said that the changes make it "even easier for you to tell your story and learn about your friends" and that "you can see all the things you have in common with that person".

He added: "It gives you an amazing connection with that person in a way that the current version of the our profile just doesn't do".

The father of Facebook skirted around security concern-based questions, as he usually does, instead saying:

"It's an important thing for everyone to just be thinking about. I mean privacy and making sure that people have control over their information is one of the most fundamental things on the Internet".

The changes are expected to hit the US first with a gradual roll out planned after that, with everybody on board by "early next year".

You can see the Zuckerberg interview in the videos above, courtesy of CBS News, but you'll have to put up with longish adverts unfortunately.

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