A new British website is soon to be launched that aims to help users find, play and keep track of all of their Facebook, online and smartphone games, all from the one place.

Tagged a "discovery portal", TeePee Games is the brainchild of Tony Pearce (hence, TeePee), who was previously CEO and co-founder of Player X. And he's joined in the venture by, among others, games industry bigwigs Nick Alexander, former CEO of Sega Europe, and Simon Jones, former managing director of GameJacket. So, it certainly has a weight of experience behind it.

The site itself allows users to create a customisable homepage and populate it with their favourite games, dragged in from thousands of sources. Additionally, as TeePee integrates with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and MySpace, users can also manage their social networking through the service.

It also recommends new games based on the visitors' tastes, and hopes to promote casual games that don't necessarily get to the top of the charts, be they mobile phone apps, Flash games or social MMOGs:

"The problem is very clear, game players are simply not finding new games because the top 20 dominates each category", says Pearce. "TeePee Games has built an incredible discovery engine, a cross between Amazon’s recommendation engine and Apple Genius. It learns and grows with the user, building a detailed profile of what the user has played across different gaming platforms and in turn recommends the "best in class" games content, selected for them personally".

TeePee Games launches early in 2011, and you can check out a demo video of the service on its homepage at www.teepeegames.com.

Developers are also being encouraged to visit the page in order to sign up for inclusion.

Would you like to house all of your casual and online games in one place? Let us know in the comments below...