Best Buy has announced that it has launched a shop on Facebook.

The superstore is the first technology retailer in the UK to offer a shop on Facebook. The platform lets you share products and wishlists with your buddies before you eventually part with your hard-earned cash once you've clicked through to the Best Buy online store.

A Best Buy UK spokesperson said: “Our customers tell us that they like the way we listen and respond to their views online, whether in our community forums on, via our Twitter feed or on our Facebook and You Tube pages.  We’re so excited to be giving our customers another new way to buy technology online.”

With Facebook now offering up shops, as well as a next-generation messaging service that not only collects SMS messages, emails, instant messages and all of the actual real-world voice conversations that have ever occurred in history, we can't see a reason to ever use any other website ever again.

Well done Mark, you win.