The Queen is now on Facebook.

No, that doesn't mean that you'll see her mundane updates, or anything personal for that matter, it's all part of the official British Monarchy social networking platform, which also includes YouTube, Twitter and Flickr.

The British Monarch Facebook page (which allows Likes and not Friends) will give you all the latest goings on from the Palace, including videos, photos and news of Royal engagements, as well as access to the Court Circular (the official Royal daily record) and a searchable UK map so you'll never miss a Royal event in you neighbourhood ever again.

Now, whilst it's all well and good that Liz and Phil are now on Facebook, it is a damn shame that they won't be updating personally. Especially Phil - he'd no doubt provide some hilariously inappropriate status updates.

The Facebook page is live now, and has been backdated - so there's already plenty of content on there.

The Daily Mail has also produced quite an amusing mock Facebook page for the Royals. Check it out in the picture section of this post.