Facebook has confirmed to Pocket-lint that the announcements it made on Wednesday, which saw the launch of Facebook Deals, Places and Groups come to iPhone and Android apps, are just the start of new features to come.

“We had to remove things from the announcement because we thought that it would be too cluttered”, Herni Moissinac, Facebook’s head of mobile, told us in a one to one briefing on Thursday.

“When I started 3 years ago in mobile, Facebook was still a small company. When we had a small thing to announce we would be very happy with it, on Wednesday we got lots of things so it’s pretty cool”.

Of course, we asked what those missing features were; however, Moissinac wasn’t falling for any of our cunning traps to get him to reveal all.

“A lot of things that we wanted to talk about, we decided that it wasn’t the right time”, Moissinac added. “Watch this space".

What do you think Facebook could have left out? And what would you like to see added to the mobile apps? Let us know in the comments below...