Facebook’s Head of Mobile has told Pocket-lint that he doesn’t see tablets like the Apple iPad or the Samsung Galaxy Tab as mobile devices, but did acknowledge the social networking site is working on an iPad and tablet version of their mobile app.

“Is a tablet a mobile device? It’s a good question. We tend to think of a mobile device as something that you can carry in one hand and the primary use is your voice. So a notebook with a 3G card is mobile in the sense that you can carry it, but it is not a mobile device”, Henri Moissinac tells Pocket-lint.

“So iPad and most of the tablets that are coming out, Mark said they are not mobile, you can carry them, but they don’t behave like a mobile phone. We think that for tablets, we got to reinvent the user experience. For a game you can double the pixels or increase the resolution, but for something that has so much space, you have the ability to use two hands, you have to think about it. Do you want to do an app, do you want to use the website?”

Facebook’s belief is that the website is still the best way to explore and use the social networking site:

“Our touch site is designed for devices like the iPhone. If you take the touch interface and you stretch it, that’s a bit disappointing. I think we can do better. Right now we haven’t found it. We are working on it, we don’t have anything to share. I don’t know whether we will do an app or if we won’t. We want to do something really good”.

“When tablets first started showing up we did a lot of testing and made some tweaks so the full site is usable and it’s a great experience. The question I get all the time is whether we are doing a native app for the ipad or tablets, and we don’t have an answer for that yet”.

As for whether we would see a dedicated app for Facebook on the desktop, perhaps in Apple’s Mac App Store, don’t hold your breath.

“For desktop the web is still the best experience so far. We believe a lot in the power of HTML5”.