Facebook has confirmed to Pocket-lint that it hopes to launch its new Facebook Deals offering, announced in the US on Wednesday, in the UK in early 2011, perhaps even days after the new year starts.

“We want to launch in every country as soon as possible", explains Henri Moissinac, Facebook’s head of Mobile, to Pocket-lint. “We are launching in the US and will see what happens. There will be a couple of tweaks, but as soon as we’ve done with that we will roll out”.

So it’s coming, but when? Well although Moissinac didn't have an exact date to tell us, he did say that we wouldn’t have to wait long, going as far as suggesting a similar timeframe to the Facebook Places roll out, which launched in the US first and then 6 weeks later in the UK.

“We did exactly the same with Places. It came to the UK six weeks afterwards”, says Moissinac. “Six weeks from now is right on Christmas day, and so that’s not going to happen. So it’s more likely to be after. As soon as it’s ready. In one week we will have a better understanding”.

In the US over 22 companies including GAP and The North Face have signed up for the new service that will allow Facebook users to see where nearby deals are, based on their location.

The idea is that if you know you can get a cheap coffee around the corner from where you are, you may be tempted to go there rather than a coffee shop directly in front of you.