Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg has ruled out a “Facebook Phone”, instead telling those who care that the company is all about building a mobile platform to work across multiple platforms, as it plans to become the heart and soul of your social media world.

“200 million people are using Facebook Mobile platforms”, detailed the Facebook founder at the company’s HQ in San Francisco.

The new offerings will focus on making it easier for developers to integrate Facebook into their mobile apps and allow people to seamlessly share data and interact with them and Facebook at the same time.

To encourage this there will be a number of new elements added to the developer infrastructure from Facebook.

Developers will now be able to use a “Single sign-on” feature that will allow its users to log into Facebook without having to re-enter their username and password, as long as they are already logged in to Facebook on their phone.

The hope is that such a move will make it easier to share data and information amongst apps on the phone, and save you having to use a “fiddly on-screen keyboard”.

Place Checkin API will now open the “write API, read API, search API” within Places that allows other apps to access and write to the Places database.

Previously only available to services like Foursquare and Gowalla, the new feature hopes to become the hub of all location services on your phone so you can track friends on Yelp for example, even if you don’t use Yelp yourself.

The new offerings should be rolling out from Facebook and third party developers in the next couple of weeks.

Finally the company is adding the ability for developers to program in geo-targeted deals that would allow you to find deals nearby to you, allowing you to hunt out the best deal, based on a loyalty scheme or just because you happen to be in the area. 

Companies already involved and signed up include GAP, Palms in Las Vegas, and The North Face. 

The company has also announced that it will be updating its iPhone and Android apps in the next couple of weeks.