There's a certain amount of irony to this one.

Mark Zuckerberg comes up with Facebook whilst studying at University so, according to the portrayal in The Social Network at least, he can gain access to clubs "because they're exclusive and fun, and lead to a better life".

And now, 7 years later, Facebook is offering everyday folk the chance to have a shot at the big-time, by joining Zuckerberg's club - the business man's club.

In partnership with The London School of Business and Finance and The University of Wales; Facebook is going to offer free access to MBA course material, in a "try before you buy" scheme.

Anyone in the world, with a Facebook account of course, can sign up for the course, and you'll only pay if you want to actually sit the exam at the end of it.

So basically, you can get all the knowledge that an MBA course offers, and walk away without paying for the privilege.

If, however, you do want your Masters qualification to hang in your downstairs toilet, you can pay up and get accredited by The University of Wales. You will, of course, need a degree already or the relevant work experience to qualify.

With the LSBF Global MBA, you'll be able to see lectures online from faculty and panel discussion groups including partners at Accenture Management Consulting and Deloitte, the head of Royal Navy Leadership Academy and the director of marketing at Viagogo.

“Historically there are real barriers for people to take the time to do an MBA. Our new product uses the Facebook platform", said LSBF founder Aaron Etingen.

"We expect to get over 500,000 users in the first year, but that is a conservative estimate. Seven years ago we had four students in Hyde Park Corner, this year we have a group turnover of £100m with 12,000 students in campuses around the world. The online world makes it hard to predict but what we do know, is that this is going to change education forever".

It does sound like an incredible scheme, and, if you're interested, sign-up now over via the official Facebook application page.

Maybe one day, you'll be a high-flying, socially inept little twerp like Mark. Dare to dream.