Facebook, ever the victim of criticism when it comes to users' security, has announced a number of new features to help keep its social network more secure.

The most significant addition is "one-time passwords" that are designed for you to use when you're out and about - handy if you're at an internet cafe or using a library-based computer. Or you're at your buddy's house and you know that they'll frape you if they get into your account.

The password is sent to you via text, after you text a request (simply write "otp") to 32665. You'll get a unique password that will last for 20-minutes. You will need to log your mobile phone number with Facebook to do this - otherwise anyone would be able to get in, although no doubt people will now moan about Facebook collecting phone numbers.

Facebook is also now providing a remote log-out function, whereby you can view which computers you are logged in to via your account settings and log out from there.

The new features are being rolled out now.