Facebook may expand its Facebook Places location service to other things that aren't so local, according to comments made by the company's EMEA VP Joanna Shields.

"Just like you could check-in to a location, theoretically you could check-in to a TV show that you're watching", mobile-ent.biz caught her telling the MIPCOM conference, a conference covering mobile entertainment, in Cannes on Tuesday.

"We're not quite there yet, but it's all about data and making that data available. But you can see how we could possibly get there one day".

The move would allow fans of certain programmes to check in to show their love, allowing you to prove that you really did watch that all important episode of X-Factor when Gamu got dumped.

Why would you want to check in to your favourite TV show? Seems people are already trying to do that.

Shields cited a stat from a Forrester Research study, that 47 per cent of European viewers aged 12-17 watch TV while using their laptops.

"30% of all TV viewers have admitted to being logged onto Facebook while watching a show”, she said, perhaps soon they will be able to check in too.

Shields talked about some of the most popular TV shows on Facebook, citing that Family Guy has 18 million fans on the social network, House has 14.2 million, and South Park has 13.6 million.

Meanwhile, Top Gear is the top European TV brand with 4.8 million Facebook fans - of whom 60 per cent are outside the UK.

Shields also hinted at the potential for location-based advertising using Facebook Places.

"If you walked into a store, somebody could actually send you a coupon that's valid for that store", she said.