Facebook has announced a major overhaul of its photo features, including the ability to upload high-resolution images.

Previously the social networking giant limited you to pictures with a maximum edge of 720-pixels, but this is being boosted up to 2048-pixels.

The next change is a new viewer that won't be sitting too well with the folks over at Flickr. The new setup lets you stay within one page whilst you browse, and there's also a "lightbox" now provided that "makes viewing photos a richer experience".

It should also be quicker to load up pictures as Facebook techies have re-written the background code.

Finally, Facebook has also revamped the tagging and uploading features. Uploading now uses "the latest Flash technology" and you'll now be able to multi-tag people and photos within an album more easily than before.

The changes are rolling out now, so you should see them appearing on your own pages within the coming days.