Facebook is ringing the changes with its approach to games applications. Detailed in the company's latest Blog, Jared Morgenstern, product manager for games, announces that the games team has been expanded, and that the site is currently building new, more sophisticated development tools for external software teams.

Certain changes have already been implemented, for launch today (22 September):

- There are now full stories in the News Feed, so players won't shared actions from friends. And the more active a person is in the game, the more prominent their stories will appear.

- A player's homepage will now feature smarter bookmarks, which automatically appear and reorder based on the games being played. Player's no longer have to bookmark apps manually.

- The pending requests number next to apps in the left-hand column is now bolder and more striking.

- And requests now appear in the Games Dashboard - an area where gamers can manage activity and discover new games recommended by friends.

These are also being touted as only the first step in improving games integration within Facebook: "The updates are the first step toward a new platform infrastructure and APIs that will provide [developers] with the tools to reach and engage the growing number of people who play games, and drive discovery among their friends," says Jared.

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