Here's some worrying news for Foursquare in the UK. A whopping 82 per cent of users of the website said they would ditch the location service once Facebook Places launched in the UK.

The site surveyed 1184 British Foursquare users that use the voucher site and when asked: “Following the announcement of Facebook Places, do you think you’ll continue to use Foursquare?”, less than a fifth said they would, with the majority, 69 per cent, admitting they were likely to switch to using Facebook Places instead.

Three quarters, 74 per cent said they’d be happier using Facebook Places as their friends would be more likely to be aware of it, with 65 per cent saying the lack of mainstream awareness of Foursquare would be the main reason they’d stop using the service. 38 per cent of Foursquare users said they had never met any of the people they had on their "friend" list.

Of the survey participants, 92 per cent said they were regular Facebook users, whilst 61 per cent said they regularly used Twitter. Only the answers of participants that said they’d checked in to locations across the country using Foursquare at least three times were considered.

When asked to explain why they believed they would use Facebook Places ahead of Foursquare, the survey participants admitted that they "hadn’t seen the benefit" of using Foursquare.