Eagle eyed journalists at the launch of Facebook Places on Wednesday night noticed something rather telling about Facebook Places new logo - it contains a four and a square in it.

If those two elements ring any bells it's because Facebook's nearest competitor is actually called Foursquare.

Conspiracy theorists of the world, or just those happy to sit through the Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts movie, will clearly, most likely, possibly, probably say it's some Freudian subconscious message to tell you that you are using Foursquare when you are not, and that if you aren't then you probably should be.

Foursquare is of course working with Facebook, and its Facebook Places service, and for some, the one ties the two together. Which in this "we are open" Facebook world is perfectly understandable or even a given.

What do you think of the new logo? Do you care? Do you believe it is Facebook trying to secretly out do its competitor, or have some just read a little bit too much into the logo.

After all, have you ever seen the arrow in Fedex?

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