As promised Facebook has updated its iPhone app bringing with it a number of updates, but most importantly the ability to check in to Facebook Places.

However, while the update has been rolled out around the world in the various iPhone App Stores, currently in the UK users will not be able to check-in as when clicking on the Places logo it simply says:

"This feature will be available in your region soon. Thank you for your patience".

What users will get though, is the ability to set the privacy of individual status updates, set all recipients of inbox messages; and iOS 4 compatibility, by being able to upload photos and videos in the background.

There has also been the usual bevy of bug fixes like fixing a delay when commenting on a post or posting a status update, as well as fixing some reliability issues in the news feed.

Facebook confirmed, at its conference on Wednesday evening, that it would take some time to roll out the Facebook Places features to all its 500 million and counting users, with American Facebookers getting the chance to "check-in" first.

UK users will be able to see check-ins however, just not check-in themselves.

Facebook has promised new apps for Android and BlackBerry users.

We will keep you posted.