It looks like it's finally on the cusp of announcement, and we could very well have Foursquare rival Facebook Places by tomorrow. Or so says an eponymous Twitter account that's been created.

Its first posting even claims that there's an official announcement coming at 7.30pm US Eastern Time/4.30pm US Pacific time (12.30am UK).

Of course, as suggested by, the account itself might not be real, but it has been set up to follow all manner of high ranking Facebook personnel, including Matt Hicks, Brandee Barker and Mark Zuckerberg himself. And it too is now acquiring followers at a rate of knots.

What does make it seem a little more bogus though, is that it points to which, at present, gives a Page not found in return. So it could just all be an elaborate hoax.

The expected Wednesday announcement comes after a rash of recent rumours that Facebook is about to launch a location based service to take on Foursquare.

The new service would, it is expected, allow users to "check-in" to locations around the world to let them keep a track of where they have been, as well as, presumable imitate Foursquare in collecting badges, and possibly getting discounts on food or clothing in certain shops. 

"We are working on location features and product integrations, which we'll be launching in the coming months, and we'll share more details when appropriate," spokesman Larry Yu told CNET at the beginning of August.

To be honest, it'd be a particularly peculiar one. Let's see what happens at the stated time...