Now, we at Pocket-lint don't often report on the ever changing job titles and positions of the gifted individuals who make up the staff of the web's biggest players.

If we were to cover every individual story of head-hunting, ship jumping and the like then we'd have to print our words on pink paper and cover all the stock prices as well.

But we couldn't help but be intrigued by this little business transfer as reported by Fast Company, and confirmed on the individual in question's personal blog.

For it appears that Mark Zuckerberg has lured Spotify's chief designer Rasmus Andersson over to the dark-side (otherwise known as Facebook).

Andersson is due to kick off his career with the San Francisco based social network in October and rumours are already circulating that this could mean that Facebook is looking at a music streaming service of its own.

And those rumours were partly fuelled by the former Spotify guru himself, as he posted on his blog:

"I believe Facebook is a very interesting entity which is changing the way we look at the internet in large. I’m thrilled and very happy to become a part of that. For me, working with basic human needs (music, social interaction, etc) in an aspect where peoples lives are being improved, has always been the focus of my professional life, thus both Spotify and now Facebook".

Hmmmm. Music and social interaction. Very interesting.

With Spotify still yet to strike a deal to bring its service Stateside, are the signs now that Andersson will help Facebook pip it to the post?

Obviously we'll be following this one closely on Pocket-lint, so keep your eyes peeled for further updates.