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(Pocket-lint) - Look don't get us wrong, Facebook is great. After all, 500 million people can't be wrong.

But at times it is a bit, well more than a bit actually, annoying. And whilst you can turn off a friend's Facebook application updates (such as Petville statuses) or even turn off a friend's notifications entirely - there are a still a couple of aspects that continue to grate on us here at Pocket-lint.


These include the ubiquitous birthday greetings between mutual friends and also the way you get updates every time somebody adds a comment to a post that you have communicated with.

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But things are set to change, with reports suggesting that Facebook is testing a couple of new features to make the social network that little bit less annoying.

Firstly, birthday messages are going to be treated as one message (like an event notification currently) with all subsequent updates being bundled in the same entry. For example, you might see a comment saying something like "Alan and 10 other friends wrote on Jasmine's wall for their birthday". You can still see all of the comments if you like the same way you currently view comments for an update.

facebook tidying up annoying aspects image 3

The next change will see Facebookers given the opportunity to unsubscribe from a post after liking or leaving a comment, so you are not notified of every other person's input upon that post. Handy if you just want to throw in your own opinion, but you couldn't give a monkey's what anyone else thinks.

facebook tidying up annoying aspects image 4

The two updates aren't out officially yet, expect to see Facebook blogging about them when they do.

Do you like the sound of the Facebook updates? Let us know what you think about the changes using the feedback feature below.

Writing by Paul Lamkin.