Nigeria's president Goodluck Jonathan (yes, that is his real name) has lifted the 2-year ban that he originally placed on the Nigeria football team competing in international competition after a massive outcry on Facebook.

President Jonathan slapped the ban on the national side after its poor showing at the World Cup where it only picked up a single point in the group stage and was the victim of Greece's first ever World Cup win.

However, after "hundreds" of comments on his Facebook page regarding the ban, the President posted:

facebook people power keeps super eagles kicking image 3

Mr Jonathan only set up his Facebook page last week - 2 days before he banned the Super Eagles - but he has already got more than 76,000 Facebook fans.

Imagine the outcry if David Cameron banned England from competing at future World Cups. Actually, come to think of it - we didn't really compete at the current one, so maybe it would save us all a lot of bother. Do it Dave.