The arduous task of tagging your friends on your Facebook photos just got a bit less tedious with the introduction of auto face detection onto the social network.

The detection works using similar technology that has been available on digital cameras for a few years now, whereby a little box is selected around any faces that software distinguishes.

Facebook will present to you a number of selections from your albums and ask: "Whose face is this?" You simply have to type the person's name in the box below and it will automatically tag him or her and let their networks know they've been tagged.

Facebook states that the simplified tagging feature is just the start of a series of improvements it is making to its photo service.

We'd like to see the face detection go one step further and offer a face recognition service like you get with Picasa.

Sure, typing someone's name into a box is easy, but we're super lazy. We'd prefer it if we just had to tick a box agreeing that a person is who Facebook thinks it is.

Zuckerberg, see to it at once.