Meridian Audio is launching a Facebook campaign called "My Collection", which allows Facebook users to share "their passion for music" with others.

The My Collection campaign aims to re-acquaint Facebookers with their old CDs by way of an invitation, which will ask them to upload an image showing their music collection in all its glory.

The user-driven initiative will last for 3 months and ask participants to share details on the quantity of music owned, how it is organised - if at all - and artists which have recently been re-discovered. Visitors to the Facebook-based site are then free to pass judgement on photos already featured.

Commenting on the launch, Graeme Taylor, global head of marketing, Meridian Audio, said:

“With so many leisure activities competing for the little free time which people have and the vast choice of music that is readily available, their attention can easily become diverted away from their existing collection. The social networking campaign gives Meridian Audio the unique opportunity to engage with over 300 million people worldwide and encourage users to re-discover the enjoyment of listening to music which they already own”.

To give the new Meriadian Audio Facebook campaign a whirl, just login and search for "My Collection".

However, that's not all to come from the high-end audio company as it's also just released an iPad app which will allow you to control your Meridian system through the Apple tablet.

Admittedly slightly niche, it's called the Meridian Sooloos iPad app, which enables full control of a Meridian Sooloos Digital Media System.

With an enhanced user interface, the app is also compatible with iPhone and iPod touch, giving an easy to set-up way of enjoying your music media. Features for the new app include advanced browsing, viewing of cover art for current track, a quick search feature and the ability to create, load and save playlists.

So if you're lucky enough to have both a Meridian Sooloos system and an iPad then get downloading - it's free.