When Facebook founder and CEO, was interviewed at the D8 conference last week he was sporting a rather strange hoodie that had some Masons-esque logo inside presumably foretelling the end of the world.

Well it seems you can now own not that exact hoodie, but one just like it thanks to a hard up friend of an employee (read employee) that's decided to flog it on ebay rather than wear it with pride as if they were in a cult.

"This is a limited edition, employee only, Facebook hoodie. The same exact one worn by Mark Zuckerberg at the D8 Conference. I was gifted this hoodie by a current employee at Facebook, but now it can be yours" reads the sellers blurb before confirming that they will ship internationally should you not be in the land of the free or brave.

While the hoodie itself is black on the outside, the inside features three arrows busting out of a circle. The tips of the arrows say the words "graph", "stream", "platform", as well as showing an image of an envelope, a plus one, and a cog. The circle has the words "Making the world open and connected - facebook". Where those arrows meet is the year - 2010.

As an extra sweetener perhaps into lulling you not to be so scared, 15 per cent of the total will go to the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Currently at the time of writing the hoodie is already at $2550 with over 5 days to go.

Would you buy it? Are you scared? Will you be deleting your facebook account soon? Let us know in the comments below.