Facebook is set to roll out a new feature shortly, but not one that you'll see within its walled garden. Instead, the addition offers websites the opportunity to embed a button that allows visitors to state that they "like" a particular page.

Those "liked" pages will then show up on that person's news feed, sharing them around their friends and contacts. The overall effect would be like the host of other similar buttons offered by websites, which you can see below this post and many others across the Web. Facebook said:

"All the products we are launching at (Facebook developer conference) F8 are focused on giving developers and entrepreneurs ways to make the web more social", said a Facebook spokesperson. The "Like" assault may also be expanded to fan pages on the site - replacing the current "Become a fan" button with one that says you "Like" a brand.

The information would also help Facebook to target advertising, so the social network will need to keep a close eye on privacy concerns, which it's been stung for in the past. Do you like this move? Tell us in the comments.