It appears that engineers at social network Facebook are having a little play around with some new features - including the ability for users to generate their own two-dimensional QR codes, and as-you-type search results in the box at the top of the page.

There are widespread reports that many users are seeing an extra couple of options appear under their profile picture - offering the ability to "View QR Barcode" and "Generate status QR barcode". They're appearing on Fan pages for various brands too. However, it seems that it's just links appearing - they don't actually function yet. Facebook refused to comment.

What the company would comment on, however, is a few tweaks that it's been making to how the search bar works. It's been altered such that when you start typing in a query it'll immediately begin offering suggestions based on the popularity of various results. It'll be customised to you, too - if you're listed as a fan of MGMT, then it'll show up higher in the results than if you weren't. It also offers the option to display the full results list.