Facebook has announced on its blog that it's finally rolled out the increase in image sizes that it promised back at the end of January. Previously, images were limited to a max of 604 pixels, but that's being raised almost 20% to a whopping 720 pixels.

The move is sure to please users who upload plenty of pictures - particularly those who share artier snaps, rather than the usual collection of gurning faces in nightclubs. You might not want to see the latter bigger at all. Still there's always the de-tag option, for use in emergencies.

However, our guess that old images would be bumped up in size too has proved to be false. Any images previously uploaded will stay at the 604 pixel size - only new ones will appear in the higher resolution. We'll leave it up to you to decide if you want to delete and re-upload every single photo in your albums - we suspect you might not be that bothered.