At the Mobile Games Forum in London, Comscore has revealed a whole host of mobile gaming research, including statistics on what the most popular iPhone application is in the US, in Europe and in Britain.

In the USA, the most popular app is Facebook - useful for keeping up with your friends while you're on the move. In Europe as a whole, the most popular app is Shazam - great for identifying music that you don't recognise. In Britain? The top application is fake beer simulator iPint from Carling. A little depressing, no?

 Elsewhere in the stats, 58% of Europeans use SMS, compared with 31% in the US. That's probably because 21% of the US market owns a smartphone with unlimited data, compared to just 5% in Europe. The median age for mobile gamers is 31, and is equally split between males and females.

Notably, the most popular device for mobile web usage in Europe's top 5 markets was Nokia's 5800 Xpress Music, compared with just 9% for the iPhone. 20% of all handsets account for 79% of mobile web usage. The number of people downloading a game has grown 23% on last year in Europe, but the number of people buying a game has stayed flat.

Interesting stuff. Have you downloaded a game for your phone? Did you pay for it? For that matter, have you checked out Pocket-lint's mobile homepage? Let us know in the comments.