2010's Christmas Number One has been decided, with Rage Against the Machine's "Killing In The Name" outselling X-Factor winner Joe McElderry's "The Climb" by 50,000 copies.

The race was the most competitive in many years, with a grassroots campaign started on Facebook eventually taking RATM to the top spot, selling more than 500,000 downloads in a week to snatch the top spot away from X Factor.

Twitter also saw much action during the campaign, with the hashtag #ratmforxmasno1 trending on multiple occasions. Online megaretailer Amazon also discounted the price of both downloads to 29p - losing 11p on each sale so that the tracks would still be eligible for the charts.

Perhaps now Rage Against the Machine will be thought of in the same breath as Mr Blobby, Bob the Builder, Rolf Harris and Cliff Richard.