It seems Facebook's recent privacy changes may have had a negative result for the company's young CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, as nearly 300 private images of him are now reported to be widely available to view.

ValleyWag has it that whereas before the controversial changes - which get users to select sharing options for each item of content uploaded - there was just one Zuckerberg pic on Facebook for public consumption, there's now a cache of around 290 shots.

The images include pics uploaded by Zuckerberg himself as well as those from people who have tagged him in their uploads and show the entrepreneur in various private moments, including with his girlfriend, seemingly enjoying a few drinks and pajama-ed up clutching a ted.

Whether the privacy changes have prompted Zuckerberg to consciously make more images available and this is intentional, it's a bug, Zuckerberg's account has been hacked, or it is indeed a result of the changes is yet to be seen.

Whether or not the images are removed soon will likely be an indicator as to which scenario is the case.