Facebook is rolling out the promised new functionality that'll allow users to gain even more control over how much content they share with the world, and how much they keep locked tight up so that no-one can see it.

The new tool is appearing for many users right now, and allows the user to select a privacy setting every single time they post content to the site at the time they post it. For example, if you post a phone number, you might want to keep it quiet, but if you post your opinion of the latest X-Factor contestants, you might be happy to have it open.

The revamp also coincides with the removal of "networks" centred around schools, companies and regions. The new privacy options are friends, friends of friends, everyone, or customized - which allows you to choose individual groups of people to send content to.

Upon logging in, users will get a message explaining the changes and allowing them to update settings. They can either pick new settings themselves, keep the old ones, or accept Facebook's recommendations. Everything will be confirmed by the user before it takes effect.

Facebook has also built a "Privacy Center" that explains the options and implications. All users will have access, and new ones will be encouraged to check it out after completing their initial registration process on the site.

Having been rocked by so many privacy scandals over the years, Facebook appears to finally be implementing the kind of controls that many have demanded for some time. But should users bear responsibility for what they put on the Web, not Facebook? Let us know what you think in the comments below.