Ofcom has revealed plans to help the development of ultra high-speed internet access across Britain.

The measures are designed to open up development of 40 megabits per second broadband - around 10 times faster than the average UK user currently sees.

"We want to support rapid and widespread investment in super-fast broadband and the continued, critical role of competition in meeting consumers' needs", Ofcom said in a statement.

"This is important because competition in super-fast broadband services and infrastructure will mean more investment, innovation, differentiation and choice, as well as competitive prices for consumers".

As well as encouraging private investment, the measures could see BT sharing its next-gen services.

Ofcom has now given BT official approval to create its fibre optic cable broadband network, a project that's due to cost around £1.5 billion, although controversially, will only cover around 10 million premises.

A recent government report on "Digital Britain" set a target of broadband for all up to 2Mbps by 2012.