BT is still the largest broadband provider in the UK even though the company has seen strong competition from other ISPs in the UK.

The results, garnered from the company's fourth quarter figures shows that BT has nearly 4.5m subscribers for their broadband services, which represents around 30% of the UK market.

Analysts believe the success isn't a better broadband service than others, but the popularity of BT Vision, the company's on demand service.

The service now has 214,000 subscribers, an increase of 94,000 in the last quarter alone.

Earlier in the week, BT said that it had ordered a next generation set-top box, which is claimed to be more energy efficient (so ticks from the green brigade) and has a more powerful processor to reel in even more customers.

The new box will combine a digital terrestrial receiver and IPTV connectivity for on-demand content and interactive services; but does it better than the previous model.

BT Vision went live on 4 December 2006 offering an on-demand TV service via aerial and broadband.