BT has launched BT Total Broadband Anywhere, an all-inclusive package which offers a free, internet-capable smartphone – the BT ToGo, and BT's Total Broadband service in the home.

From £23.99 per month, the new BT Total Broadband Anywhere option claims to deliver the "most complete broadband experience", both at home and out and about – for surfing the web, sending and receiving emails, making calls or texting.

Broadband Anywhere customers get a choice of two BT ToGo smartphones – the HTC S620 or S710 – both powered by Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.

When in range of a Wi-Fi hotspot, the BT ToGo connects to the Internet at broadband speeds and provides cheaper calls through BT Broadband Talk.

When out of Wi-Fi, there is a 10MB monthly download allowance, and the package includes 50 call minutes and 50 texts on any network at any time.

The BT ToGo handsets are preconfigured with a BT email address, although other email accounts can be used and also feature a built-in camera and media player.

More info on the handsets, tariffs, and all small print and asterisks for the claims above can be found on BT's website.